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cannot prevent its onset. But we can affect the
course of its development. It may end in utter
disaster or it may release a new world, far better
than the old. Within these broad limits it is
possible for us to make up our minds how it
will come to us.
And since the only practical question before us
is the question of how we will take this world
revolution we cannot possibly evade, let me
recall to your attention the reasons I have
advanced in the second section of this book for
the utmost public discussion of our situation at
the present time. And also let me bring back to
mind the examination of Marxism in the fourth
section. There it is shown how easily a collecti-
vist movement, especially when it is faced by the
forcible-feeble resistances and suppressions of
those who have hitherto enjoyed wealth and
\ power, may degenerate into an old-fashioned
class-war, become conspiratorial, dogmatic and
inadap table, and fsink towards leader worship
and autocracy. That apparently is what has
happened in Russia in its present phase. We do
plot know how much of the original revolutionary
spirit survives there, and a real fundamental issue
in the world situation is whether we are to
follow in the footsteps of Russia or whether we
are going to pull ourselves together, face the